There are many nooks that are worth seeing in the capital of Andalucia, but there is one that stands out from the others: la Judería. Therefore, if you are staying in the city, we recommend that you make your reservations at a hotel in the center of Sevilla, which will allow you to thoroughly enjoy this area full of history and magic.

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The heart of the city is la Judería, located in the mystical Barrio de Santa Cruz, which earned its name from the large group of Jews that lived and worked in the houses of its streets, from the 8th Century until they were expelled by the Catholic kings in the 15th Century.

Narrow white limestone streets make up the essence of this place that also maintains the name of many of the streets and some buildings that were built there, and became symbols of the social and religious lives of the Jewish citizens. In this case, we are referring to the synagogues that today have the appearance of Christian churches:

Iglesia de Santa María la Blanca. This temple, which maintains the elements of Jewish history, originated in the 13th century. After a series of renovations, it became one of the treasures of Baroque architecture.

Iglesia de San Bartolomé. If you plan on staying in a charming hotel in Sevilla located in la Judería, you can also visit this religious building that was erected at the end of the 18th century on the remains of ahistoric synagogue.

Iglesia de Santa Cruz.With a distinct Baroque style, this temple was raised on top of another religious Jewish building

These monuments are the ones that make la Juderíaso incredible that it charms everyone who passes through it. Are you going to miss your chance?