The Cathedral, the Plaza de España, the Park of María Luisa or the Reales Alcazares are some of the places that will always be recommended spots for any tourist that may find themselves staying at a charming hotel in Sevilla. But it is interesting for them, or any other visitor to realize that they also have the possibility to enjoy a whole other series of areas in the city that have a multitude of legends and curiosities in their past.

Charming hotel in Seville,  hotel in the center of Sevilla

That is, the hidden areas of Sevilla that are worth a walk through to discover them. Among them are the following:

  • Calle de las 7 revueltas (Street of the 7 Riots). Whoever has stayed in a hotel in the center of Sevilla will have this path nearby, which, like its name indicates, is characterized by the 7 riots that can be traced in its past. Once on this street, one will encounter places that have various mythological beings.
  • Palace of the Marquis of Algaba. This palace was originally famed as a center of Mudéjar Art in the 15th century, but it is also recognized because it houses the ghost of the woman in white. It is said that a woman wanders around the building, particularly around the top floor. Her identity is unknown as there were many deaths and murders that occurred in the palace throughout the centuries.
  • Calle de San Luis. There are not only one, but many ghosts that occupy the borders of this path in Sevilla, at which, according to several works, 6 corpses were discovered next to a tablet that read “Do not disturb the peace of this place”. Ever since, the spirits of these and other deceased ones can be found dwelling in this corner of Sevilla’s unknown areas along with various suicide victims and a man who appeared dead in a trunk.