If you didn’t know, Seville was home to three different religions, the Muslims, Jews and Christians. The hotel “Las Casas de la Juderia” is located in the old Jewish neighborhood. Just to give you a brief background; when King Fernando III of Castile conquered the city, the largest Jewish community in Spain focused on Seville.

Casas de la Judería Sevilla

So what is the magic of this old town? Well, one of the most interesting things is that it is a labyrinth of narrow streets and alleys surrounded by beautiful gardens and churches. You can admire art and architecture in every corner of the neighborhood, you will be amazed; but what’s even more impressive is how you will feel once you step in our hotel. Every room is decorated differently, with different details and environments. And, if you want to visit different cultures, you can walk or bike to the river, the cathedral and many other places which are located within minutes of the hotel.

the cathedral Seville


Enjoy this unique opportunity and visit the old Jewish neighborhood to have one of the best experiences of your life. You will learn about a new culture and you will be surrounded by a magical place. Anda come to visit our Hotel on the old Jewish.

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