The Holly week (Semana Santa) is one of the most important weeks, if not the most important one, in Seville. But, what happens during this week? Here is a brief explanation of each day: candelaria Palm Sunday This day is one of the most important ones because Semana Santa officially starts. People dress their best clothes and they visit the churches in the morning. In the afternoon and night they go out to the streets to see the first confraternities. Holy Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday These days you will enjoy the most magnificent confraternities. Keep in mind that there will be hundreds of people in the streets, so don´t try to move fast; pick a good spot.  You will also experience the precessions, which is a very old tradition. Many important images and figures are presented, you will be amazed. La Madrugá (Thursday night) This is without any doubt the most intense night of the whole week. The most popular processions are presented (such as La Macarena, El Gran Poder, etc.) and this makes the night extremely special but also very long. Holy Friday This is another important day during the week; it is dedicated especially to the mysteries. And, of course, you can also enjoy several incredible processions in the streets (for example, El Cristo de la Buena Muerte). Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday These are the sad days that announce the end of the Holly Week. You will also be able to see the last solemn processions.  Even if this is your first time, you will feel nostalgic and sad because it’s over. After an entire week, you get used to it.

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