PATIO DE LOS PADILLAAny time of year is great to book a charming hotel in the center of Seville and discover the magic and beauty of this city. However, the best time to visit is spring, when the Andalusian capital looks brighter as its streets and squares are impregnated with the most typical fragrance: orange blossom.

So during spring stroll through narrow street of Seville and be mesmerized with the smell, which is released by white flowers of the bitter orange, which is associated with happiness. And that relationship might be true, as mood of residents and visitors significantly improves during spring, encouraging them to go outside and enjoy the weather, with a small beer on a terrace.

When staying at a hotel’s restaurant in Seville you can discover a series of interesting relationships between this city and its orange blossom scent:

– In the city there are more than 25,000 orange trees
– The Arabs who were spread throughout Spain and, therefore , in Seville they planted those trees in Europe in the tenth century
– Oranges are used in production of all kinds of cosmetics , perfumes, liquor, wine and jam. Therefore, each year they are distributed by City Hall to certain entities or individuals so they can prepare these delicacies to enjoy the most exquisite palates.
– The sweet and powerful aroma of orange’s flower  has became a symbol of the city. This is demonstrated by songs such as  “Seville has a special color” which says:  “I still smell orange blossoms, I like to be with their people..”

Among all of the parts of Seville orange trees are the most important in the gardens of Royal Alcazar.

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